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News and Notes

News and Notes

Psy.D. Posters
Simrun Sandhu discusses her research with Scott Browning, Ph.D., ABPP.
Brenda Lange

Psy.D. Poster Presentation Clarifies Research

Early in their third year (of a six-year program) Psy.D. students get the opportunity to share their evolving dissertation research ideas through a poster presentation. While a traditional poster presentation involves finished data and study findings, the Psy.D. poster presentation allows the students to get feedback and suggestions from the entire CHC community.

"These students are guided by a dissertation chair and committee, but sometimes it's good to get feedback from a broader group to raise questions the committee and student might not be aware of," explains Bill Ernst, Psy.D., assistant professor of psychology. "It's a mechanism for the students to explain what they're doing to help solidify their research topic in their minds and to get experience presenting."

Nathan and Cheryll
Nathan Ernst speaks about his poster with Cheryll Rothery, PsyD, ABPP.
Brenda Lange

Beginning in the summer of their second year, the students take a series of three courses on dissertation mentoring. This sequence, which begins with a class taught by Joseph Micucci, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychology, is designed to help students choose and refine a topic that is feasible and relevant to clinical psychology.

The poster presentation is made in the middle of that sequence, with the objective of providing students with support, structure and information in developing their dissertation and completing it. After the students complete their third year, they begin the official work on their dissertation with their chosen chair.

Mask & Foil Presents "Who Am I This Time & Other Conundrums of Love"

Mask & Foil, CHC's drama club, performed "Who Am I This Time & Other Conundrums of Love," late last month. The play was written by Alan Posner and based on three early works by Kurt Vonnegut. "Who Am I This Time & Other Conundrums of Love," was all about love, pure, simple and complicated. 

Mask & Foil Members
The cast and crew of "Who Am I This Time & Other Conundrums of Love," pose before the play last month.
Jenn Thorpe

Mark your calendar now for the music department's spring musical, "Pirates of Penzance," with performances March 27, 28 and 29, 2015. Mask & Foil also will present a variety show sometime in March. Watch for more information.

Author Signs Books

Dan Rottenberg, author of "The Outsider: Albert M. Greenfield and the Fall of the Protestant Establishment," appeared at the Commonwealth Chateau at SugarLoaf Hill October 9, where he gave a presentation about Greenfield and signed copies of his books.

Deputy Director and Chief Counsel talks about Juvenile Law Center

Marsha Levick, Esq., deputy director and chief counsel of Philadelphia's nonprofit Juvenile Law Center spoke at CHC on November 3. Levick founded the Center in 1975 and is an advocate for children's and women's rights and a nationally recognized expert in juvenile law.

Dan Rottenberg, author of the recent book about Albert Greenfield, speaks at SugarLoaf.
Linda Johnson

She spoke about various cases she has litigated over the years, including her work with the infamous "Kids for Cash" scandal involving two judges who took payments from juvenile facilities to keep them stocked with youth on a variety of charges between 2003 and 2008.


Scott Browning, Ph.D., ABPP, has been named a fellow by the Academy of Couple and Family Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology. Browning, a faculty member for 26 years, is a noted authority on psychological treatment of families and stepfamilies; the development of empathy; children with developmental disorders; and training clinicians. Browning is also the author of "Stepfamily Therapy: A Ten Step Clinical Approach."

Marsha Levick
Marsha Levick, Esq. speaks at CHC on Nov. 3.
Ryan Morton

Joseph A. Micucci, Ph.D., ABPP, has been named a fellow in the Society of Family Psychology within the American Psychological Association, the first CHC faculty member to be so named, and one of only six family psychologists approved for APA fellow status in the field this year. Micucci has been a CHC faculty member for 25 years and specializes in psychological testing, adolescent development, family therapy with adolescents, and gay, lesbian and bisexual issues. Micucci also is the author of "The Adolescent in Family Therapy – Harnessing the Power of Relationships."

Marching for Peace

CHC students honor Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Malala Yousafzai, with a peace march on October 21, led by Sister Joannie Cassidy, director of campus ministry. Students marched from the Rotunda in St. Josephs Hall to the campus' Peace Pole and ended the march in the Garden of Forgiveness. On this day, Malala received the Liberty Medal at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia for her advocacy of education for women, peace and nonviolence. Students and faculty took turns at the podium to read excerpts of Malala's speeches as well as lead the participants in prayers for peace and equality. Throughout the march, the students chanted "Salam Alaikum Salam Alaikum Shalom Shalom Peace," a peace chant in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Scott Browning, Ph.D., ABPP and Joseph A. Micucci, Ph.D., ABPP
Scott Browning, Ph.D., ABPP and Joseph A. Micucci, Ph.D., ABPP
Ryan Morton


Marie Conn, Ph.D., professor of religious studies, and Thérèse McGuire, Ph.D., SSJ, professor emerita of art, have co-authored and edited "Sisterly Love: Women of Note in Pennsylvania History published by Hamilton Books.

The women represented in the book have made or are making significant contributions to Pennsylvania history and represent a variety of fields. The biographical sketches of artists, essayists, teachers, computer experts, activists, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders and political leaders span the history of the Commonwealth from its early years to the present day.

The collection includes work by CHC faculty and SEPCHE authors – a diverse group, representing different disciplines and several colleges and universities. It is available in the CHC bookstore, from Hamilton Books  or through Amazon and B&N.

Student News and Notes

The music Department and Griffins Against Cancer held a fundraiser in early October in support of Brent Hostetter, a junior music Education major, recently diagnosed with cancer. A bake sale, raffle and benefit recital raised more than $1,000. All proceeds went to Brent and his family to help with medical expenses. Currently, Brent is at home recuperating from his treatments. Doctors say he should be well enough to rejoin his classmates in January.

Sports Update

The CHC Athletics program continues to grow, with the addition of women's bowling to its roster. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) program will begin play during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Music 1
Tyler Meil '16 performs on the violin during the benefit recital for Brent.
Brenda Lange

"We are excited to bring another sport to our campus and to be able to reach out to potential student-athletes of this sport," stated Chestnut Hill College Director of Athletics and Recreation Lynn Tubman. "Bowling has been identified as the fastest growing high school sport in the country, and in the state of Pennsylvania alone there are nine school districts that carry programs, including the Philadelphia Catholic League." 

In 1994, as part of the NCAA's Gender-Equity Task Force, bowling was identified as an emerging sport for women. Since then, it has showed immense growth in popularity among female athletes and has achieved championship status. At the high school level, bowling has seen a 183.7 percent increase in sponsorship according to data compiled by the National Federation of State High School Associations, making it the fastest growing sport for young women.

Music 2
Music students Veronica Meck-Torres '15, plays the tenor saxophone, accompanied by adjunct instructor Mark Schockey.
Brenda Lange

The search for the inaugural head coach of the women's bowling team is underway. Interested student-athletes can complete and submit a prospective student-athlete questionnaire or contact the College's Athletic Department through use of the provided email address

Read all the latest sports news here.