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Successful Spring Senior Seminar

Successful Spring Senior Seminar

Once again, the end of the semester rolled around quickly and Senior Seminar was held on April 20 in the Rotunda and in several classrooms.  This year, 114 seniors representing 14 majors presented posters or oral presentations on a wide variety of topics, sharing their final assignments with the entire College community. Many faculty, staff and other students came out to support the seniors.

Photos by Brenda Lange

Annie Tang -- Early Childhood Education (with Sue Harkins, left, assistant to the dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies)

Annie Tang, Early Childhood Education, talks to Sue Harkins (left), assistant to the dean in the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Amanda Moroe -- Psychology (with her mom)

Amanda Monroe, Psychology, stops to allow her mom
to snap a photo.

Brianna Lapatina -- Mathematics (with Kerry Rusak, left, associate director of residence life)

Brianna Lapatina, Mathematics, explains her seminar project to Kerry Rusak (left), associate director of residence life.

Chavell Mannings

Chavell A. Mannings, Criminal Justice, stands next to her project
with her son.

Colleen Malone

Colleen Malone, Marketing, presents on her topic: "Understanding the Influential Factors of Studying Abroad."

Courtney Weidner -- political science (with Christina Abbott, left, executive director of student financial services)

Courtney Weidner, Political Science, talks with Christina Abbott (left), executive director of student financial services.

Deirdra Monaghan -- Psychology (with Kathy Gannon, right, Logue Library assistant)

Deidra Monaghan, Psychology, explains her project to Kathy Gannon (right), Logue Library assistant.

KatieClara Miller -- Marketing (with Jodie King Smith, vice president for enrollment management)

KatieClara Miller, Marketing, explains her presentation to Jodie King Smith (right), vice president for enrollment management.

Kevin Taylor -- Political Science (with Lynn Tubman, director of athletics and recreation)

Kevin Taylor, Political Science, talks to Lynn Tubman, director of athletics and recreation, about his topic.

LeAnn Burke

Leeann E. Burke, Business Administration and Management, explains her research on PIPPA. 

MK Ortale

Mary Katherine Ortale, Early Childhood Education, encouraged students to embrace their super powers in her project.

Masooma Alsultan

Masooma Alsultan, English Literature and Communications, examined "Death of a Salesman" for her project. 

Pedro Oranges

Pedro Oranges, Business Administration and Management discusses his topic: "Brasil:  An Investors Dream that became a Chaos."

Sheeza Joseph -- Psychology (with Janice Kuklick, M.Ed., right, associate professor of physical education and chair of the department)

Sheeza Joseph, Psychology, talks with Janice Kuklick (right), dept. chair and associate professor of physical education.