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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that Chestnut Hill College has its own “television” news station?

The Griffin News airs weekly on YouTube and is seen around campus on monitors.  The Griffin News is found on the College’s main channel. Visit

As a co-curricular activity, including field reporting and studio production, these students write and produce a professional newscast of about 15 minutes every week.

"In this project students get hands-on experience in many facets of TV news production,” says Tom Gillern, adjunct professor for special topics in communication/TV news production. “The CHC TV Club and students in my workshop work closely together to produce this news program. The club produces the show and my class does the field production, which involves filming the actual stories."

"The College has attempted TV news in the past, but it was difficult to distribute appropriately.  Now, we can distribute it through YouTube and this allows us to reach out to both the College and community and grow in a way we couldn't in the past.  Most of the students in the workshop are communications majors.  However, the members of the club have a wide range of majors, including the sciences,” Gillern adds.