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Athletics Connections

Athletics Connections


Attention members of GriffinNation … In an effort to better provide you with all the athletics video possible Athletics is reorganizing its YouTube presence under a new channel — introducing Sports at Chestnut Hill College.

In collaboration with the College’s Audio/Visual and Media Relations departments, all Chestnut Hill College Athletics videos, including games, features and interviews, will be housed at Sports at Chestnut Hill College. Formerly visible on the CHCSID YouTube Channel, the College’s entire athletic video catalog will now be available on the new channel. In addition, this channel is linked with, allowing all members of GriffinNation the ability to watch the athletics video catalog directly on the site, using the video tab of the calendar section.

If you have any questions about our YouTube Channel or the videos it houses, please contact the Chestnut Hill College Athletic Communications Coordinator Gregory Gornick (215-248-7060).

Please remember to follow your Griffins on all our social media outlets;

Facebook – Chestnut Hill College Athletics

Twitter - @CHCAthletics

Instagram – chcgriffins

YouTube – Sports @ Chestnut Hill College