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Fun at One With a Twist

Fun at One With a Twist

Staff from the Office of Institutional Advancement presented on the importance of philanthropy.
Students learn about the importance of philanthropy at a recent Wednesday "Fun at One."
Brenda Lange

Students arriving at the Fun at One in the Student Activities Office on February 17 were treated to a special yogurt bar and giveaways from the College Bookstore in exchange for learning something about the world of philanthropy.

“We want to develop a culture of philanthropy among our students and on campus,” says Susannah Coleman, vice president for institutional advancement. “It is important for all of us to realize that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

Wolfgang Natter, vice president for academic affairs, opened the gathering by talking about philanthropy as a Chestnut Hill College virtue and tradition. Cathy Lockyer Moulton ’92, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board, shared her personal observations about philanthropy as one who grew up in a family culture that nurtured it. Later, Elbert Sampson, also a member of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board, talked about philanthropy as a virtue which, like voting or serving on jury duty, makes us more fully members of our society and culture.

Both speakers highlighted the importance of gaining a philanthropic mindset at an early age. They were joined in that sentiment by Mary Katherine Ortale ’16, president of the Student Government Association, who discussed her hopes for fostering a student culture of philanthropy.

“The core of their messages was that philanthropy does not begin once you have made it, but should be an active part of your life throughout your journey,” says Debra Dee Bradford, ’13 SCPS, senior director of alumni relations. “The students were praised for their interest in philanthropy and encouraged to share the blessings they have been given.”

Students were quizzed about various iconic areas of campus, including the McCaffery Lounge, Gulati Complex and others. Anyone who answered a question correctly received a T-shirt, pair of Harry Potter socks or CHC hoodie.

“Fun at One was designed as a fun way to bring students together in our office to socialize during their common time,” explains Meg Cranney, associate director of student activities. “We provide some sort of activity each Wednesday that brings them to the office, and then the atmosphere provides for chatting, discussion and meeting new people. It’s a fun break that the students look forward to in the middle of the week.”

She says that students enjoyed meeting the guests and joining the conversations around philanthropy.

— Brenda Lange