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The e-newsletter of Chestnut Hill College

Griffins in the News

Griffins in the News covered Dexter Harris ’16 winning the Sam Cozen Player of the Week award for those who “embody the spirit” of the game. included CHC in its guide to LGBTQ services at Philadelphia-area colleges and universities.

The Chestnut Hill Local included three events hosted by the College in its February 11 issue.

Chestnut Hill College was mentioned in the Sunday Star Ledger announcement of Caldwell University’s sprint football team.

Juliane Troicki, former assistant professor at Chestnut Hill College was named to the Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund board of directors. has the story. 

Alumna Christina O’Malley was named senior vice president for Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation. has the story.

The South Philly Review mentioned CHC’s involvement in charitable events in partnership with The Andrew Jackson School.